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The Importance of a Leader’s Heart – Michael Hyatt | The Dads Count Initiative

The Importance of a Leader’s Heart – Michael Hyatt

The Importance of a Leader's Heart

The Importance of a Leader's Heart - Michael Hyatt

“You’ve got to cultivate, develop and protect your heart.”  Some of you may recall a few posts in which I’ve mentioned my virtual mentor, Michael Hyatt.  He writes a terrifically inspirational blog and delivers a series of free podcasts that are outstanding resources.  I recently listened to his podcast:  The Importance of the Leader’s Heart.  Michael is a former CEO of a large company, renown speaker and a best-selling author.

Why do I recommend your taking time to listen to this?  Consider the following:

  • Michael is has the top leadership blog in the world.
  • His blog gets 300,000 visitors per month.
  • His podcasts gets downloaded 120,000 times per month.
  • He has 75,000 subscribers to his daily updates.
  • He has 145,000 followers on Twitter.
  • He has 25,000 Facebook “fans.”

While the topic may seem too business-focused for some, I was surprised at how relevant this is for families.  Michael’s podcast will speak to you if you’re a business leader, but also if you’re leading your household.  His discussion includes some insightful comments about how valuable your heart is.  He’ll provide a collection of great quotes from the Bible to Dr. Seuss.

Whether you’re dealing with a divorce, a job change or even simply looking to further develop your overall effectiveness as a parent or organizational leader, this podcast is worth the time it’ll take to listen to it.  I think it’d be a great early morning inspiration (over a cup of coffee, of course).  Anytime he refers to a “company,” think household.  If he says “leader,” think parent.  If he mentions “employees,” think children.  The correlation is very interesting.

Michael’s podcast identifies 5 important truths about your heart:

  • Truth #1: Your heart is the essence of your identity.
  • Truth #2: Your heart is the most valuable leadership tool you have.
  • Truth #3: Your heart directly impacts your influence.
  • Truth #4: Your heart is either healthy or unhealthy.
  • Truth #5: Your heart is under constant attack.

I hope you’ll take some time to enjoy his presentation.



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